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How do I create a multiple choice item?

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  1. Enter the title of the question
  2. Enter your question.
  3. Add one or multiple (media)file(s) if desired.
    A source file means you can add a PDF that will appear as a separate pop-up window during the test.
    A media file is an image that is shown together with the question.
  4. Enter the possible answers.
  5. Add more possible answers if desired.
  6. Select the correct answer and fill in how many points you get for the correct answer.
  7. Select Summative to use this item in a summative test.
    See Default settings for items to get more information about the other settings you will find under Tags.
  1. Enter how many points can be scored for this question.
  2. Click Preview to see how students will see the published question.
  3. Click Save and close to return to the items page.


  1. While creating/editing the question, click the Options tab to set advanced options.
  2. Select Allow notepad for candidates if you want to give the candidates the opportunity to argue or calculate their answer. The candidate can make notes here to clarify the answer given. These notes are saved and can be viewed during the grading process.
  3. Select Randomize order of alternatives to put the alternatives in a random order. Once you have selected Randomize order it is possible to use Fixed position of alternatives. This gives a fixed position to certain alternatives, whereas the other alternatives remain in a random order.
  4. Click Add labels if you want to label the answers (A, B, C etc). The student will see these labels when they are taking the test.
  5. Click Show advanced options to set audio options.

If Add labels for candidate delivery is selected, you can no longer choose Randomize order. That is because the order of the answers will be fixed once you add the labels. This also means you can no longer fix the position of alternatives while using a random order.

While compiling the exam you have the option to allow the workoutbox for all questions, none or the selected questions. Please discuss your preferences with the faculty coordinator.

Feedback on questions

Feedback set per question can be displayed during a candidate review, or in a formative exam. Here feedback can be displayed after answering a question or at the end of the exam. You can choose between general or detailed feedback.

For both feedback during a candidate review or during /after an exam the following applies: you can choose to show either feedback on alternatives or feedback on question. 

  1. Choose General if you want to display general feedback or choose Detailed if you want to give detailed feedback.
  2. Select Show feedback on alternatives if you want to enter feedback for all answer alternatives. The feedback will be shown to the candidate with the chosen alternative.
  3. Select Show feedback on question to enter either general feedback about the question or detailed feedback for the correct and incorrect answers.
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