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How do I create a Drag and Drop item?

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  1. Enter the title of the question.
  2. Enter your question.
  3. Add one or multiple (media)file(s) if desired.
    A Resource means you can add a PDF that will appear as a separate pop-up window during the test.
    A Media file is an image shown together with the question.
  4. Upload a background image from your computer or select a file from your media library. Each file you upload will automatically appear in your media library.
  5. Select Summative to use this item in a summative test.
    See Default settings for items for more information about the other settings you find under Tag.

To maintain overview in your library it is essential to give the media element a unique name before it is added to the library. It is not possible to change the name once it is added.

  1. Select whether the answers should be shown top, bottom, left or right from the background image.
  2. Create placeholders in the image by drawing a rectangle in the desired spot. This will create the spot where the candidate will need to drag the answer to.
  3. Below the background image a row with placeholders is created.
  4. Click behind the placeholder on Remove to remove the placeholder in question.
  1. Enter the possible answers by uploading images from your computer or from the media library. This image can be placed on the background image by the candidate to answer the question
  2. Click Add response to add more answers.
  3. Connect the placeholder with the correct answers by drawing a line.
  4. Click Remove image to upload a different image. Click Remove to delete the entire answer.
  5. Select Duplicate responses if students can place an answer on multiple placeholders.

Duplicated answers will make the question more difficult for students. It is also possible to add more answers than placeholders.

  1. Enter how many points can be achieved for this question.
  2. Click Preview to see what the questions will look like for students. Click Save and Close to return to the items page.

Advanced options

  • Click Options while creating or editing a questions to set up the advanced settings.

Feedback on questions

Feedback set per question can be displayed during a candidate review, or in a formative exam. Here feedback can be displayed after answering a question or at the end of the exam. You can choose between general or detailed feedback.

Cirrus assessment and 1 more page - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge
  1. Choose General if you want to display general feedback.
  2. Select Show feedback on question to enter general feedback about the question.
Cirrus assessment and 1 more page - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge
  1. Choose Detailed if you want to give detailed feedback.
  2. Select Show feedback on question to enter feedback for the correct and incorrect answers.


The candidates can use the notepad to clarify their provided answer. These notes will be stored and can be viewed during the marking process.

Cirrus assessment and 1 more page - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge

Select Allow workout box for candidates to allow candidates to have the possibility to argue or calculate their answer.

While compiling the exam you have the option to allow the workoutbox for all questions, none or the selected questions. Please discuss your preferences with the faculty coordinator.

Audio settings

When the question contains audio, settings can be adjusted for the candidate. When the question does not contain audio, the fields can be leaved empty.

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