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How do I share an assessment?

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The connector between Osiris and Cirrus will create the assessment and will share the assessment with the examiner, as well as the members of the team Digital Assessments (for support purposes). The examiner can share the assessments with his fellow teachers.

  • Use the navigation bar on the left to navigate to Assessments.
  • Click on the assessment you want to share.
  • Click Share.
  1. Search and select the right person by entering their name in the Add person bar.
  2. Click on Select role next to the name of the person and select which role they will receive for this assessment.
  3. The option Anonymous sharing is not advised, unless the assessment you want to share is a test version. if you choose this option, a link will be created which you can share with whoever you want. The people with access to this link can take the exam without a login, and no results will be tracked.

Everyone on the list will automatically have access to the test (you do not have to save anything or click additional buttons).

  • Examiner: the examiner can add and remove questions from an assessment, add and remove the form from an assessment and share the assessment with follow teachers.
  • Exam author: the exam author can add and remove questions from the exam and manage items in a form.
  • Exam reviewer: the exam reviewer can review all assessments with the status review and approve or reject it.
  • Exam administrator: the exam administrator has all rights within an assessment. The creator of an assessment is granted this role (Faculty Coordinator Digital Assessments)


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