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How do I plan a review for a candidate?

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Create candidate review

With the candidate review you can show the exam, complete with individually given answers and your annotations as well as the scores, to the students who have participated. Each student will be able to see the assessment on their own account. You can determine how: 

Before you can schedule a candidate review:

- all results after assessing have to be submitted

- and all results have to be published

  • Go to Delivering in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Go to the 3rd tab, Candidate review
  • Click on Add Review session

Add candidates

  • Go to the Show schedules, of in case no schedules are shown, Show assessments. Or search in the right top corner

Select the assessment and click on To settings, and complete the settings.

Click on Save if you have completed all steps

You will be navigated automatically to the Overview page of the review session.

Click on the 2nd tab Candidates to add candidates.

There are multiple ways to find a candidate:

  1. Enter the candidate's name in the search bar.
  2. Click on the filter symbol and then click Search hierarchy. You can now browse through the hierarchies until you have found the level of your assessment. 
  3. Click the green magnifying glass to perform the action.
  1. Select all students from the list by clicking the box at the top or
  2. Select single students by clicking the box next to their name.

Confirm the selection by clicking Add at the bottom of the page.

If you click Close you will return to the review overview page.

The selected candidates have now been added to the review.


  • Click on the Options tab.

Select the delivery experience

1. Feedback.

  • Show annotations means the student will be able to see the annotations and remarks the assessor has added for open questions.

2. Navigation

  • You can show the order in which the candidates have made the assessment or
  • the order that has been set up in the From

3. Results. You can choose or combine:

- Show passing percentage
- Show results outcome
- Show grade

- Summary will only show the questions and the points achieved.

- Detailed will show the questions, the answers provided, the right answers, and the achieved points. This is the recommended setting.

- Show Score report will show a brief overview of the results as well as an overview of the accomplishments based on on the learning objective goals. 

- Show marking scheme (optional in case this has been set up in the library item)

4. Add Security.

  • Lock-down browser limits the review to specific computers, meaning it cannot be viewed on other devices. Do not use this option without consulting the faculty coordinator!
  • Use pin code to make the review available only after you have entered a pin code at the beginning of the session. This way you can limit the access to the review (and the exam questions) to the people who are present in class. This is the recommended setting.

5. Click on Activate (right top in the screen)

6. In the confirmation screen  you will be ask to inform the candidates. Do NOT select that option

The review has now been sent to the student accounts and will become active at the time you have set up. 

Click here for more information about starting the review itself.

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