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How do I create a Zoom account? | Zoom

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Go to the Zoom website to create your own account. If you sign up with your email address you will be automatically using the RU basic license. Your account will then adhere to the RU privacy and security conditions.

Default settings

If you use the basic RU license, the following default settings will be set up:

  • The sharing and downloading of documents and files is turned off, but you can turn this on in your personal settings.
  • The recording feature is available, but you must enable this in your personal settings.
  • If you start a meeting the audio and video feature is turned off, you can turn this on yourself.
  • Attention Tracking is turned off.

Download Zoom

  • Log in at 
  • Click Resources > Download Zoom Client > Zoom Client for Meetings to install the app.
  • The download will now start.
  • Accept the Terms & Agreements.

Zoom will ask you whether you want to integrate your calendar/agenda and contacts. It is currently unclear how this information is saved and  processes. That is why it is not recommended to integrate your agenda and contacts.

From 1 July 2021 onwards there will only be one Zoom license for both students and lecturers. This license also allows for recording. If you have an old and limited license, please contact the ISC to change it.

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