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Which roles exist in Zoom? | Zoom

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Different roles exist in Zoom: the host, the co-host, the alternative host and the participant. The host assigns roles to other participants.

The host
The co-host
The alternative host
The participant

The host

The person who has planned or starts the meeting is the host. The host get the most rights; there can only be one host per meeting.

Features that are specifically for the host:

The co-host

The host and the co-host share a lot of options. A co-host can be useful to manage the administrative parts of the meeting, such as granting access to participants who are in the waiting room.

The following features come with the co-host role, but not participants:

  • Start a poll created by the host
  • Mute or unmute participants
  • Stop the video of participants
  • Ask participants to turn on their video
  • Turn the chat feature on or off
  • Remove participants
  • Put participants in the waiting room or have them access the meeting
  • Change the name of participants.

Please read the manual How do I manage the participants in my meeting? for a more elaborate explanation about the functionalities mentioned above.

The alternative host

The Alternative host has the same options as the co-host, but they can also start a meeting. 

The alternative host needs to be someone who has a Radboud license, and they must be assigned when the meeting is planned.

The participant

The host's settings determine how much a participant can do in the Zoom meeting.

Participants have the following options (the host and the co-host also have these options, except reacting to Polls):

  • Turn the microphone on or off (depends on the settings of the host)
  • Turn the camera on or off (depends on the settings of the host)
  • See all particpants
  • Share screen (depends on the settings of the host)
  • React to Polls
  • React with Reactions
  • Raise their hand
  • Chat
  • Invite others.
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