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How do I use annotations and the whiteboard? | Zoom

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During a session you can share your own screen or let participants share theirs. When a screen is shared, you can add annotations to this screen. This can be done on either a shared screen or a Whiteboard. In the example below the Zoom Desktop Client is used.

Read more about sharing your screen during a meeting in the manual How do I share my screen? 

Annotation on a shared screen and sharing of a Whiteboard is only possible with the Zoom Desktop Client and not via the browser.

Annotation tools

  1. Click Annotate in the menu on top of your screen.
  2. The bar with annotation tools will now appear.
    • Mouse: deactivate the annotation tools and show the cursor.
    • Select: select annotations and move or remove them.
    • Text: add text.
    • Draw: draw lines, arrows and shapes.
    • Stamp: add stickers such as a cross or a question mark.
    • Spotlight/Arrow: change your cursor into a Spotlight to highlight certain aspects for the other participants. Change your cursor into an Arrow to point out certain annotations.
    • Eraser: remove previous annotations.
    • Format: change the size, colour and font of the annotation tool.
    • Undo: undo your last annotation.
    • Redo: redo the last annotation you have undone.
    • Clear: remove all annotations.
    • Save: save all annotations on the screen by making a screenshot.

Select and Save are only possible for the participant who shares the screen.

Set up participant annotations

  1. Click More in the menu bar on top of your screen.
  2. Click Enable/Disable participant annotation to enable or disable participants to add annotations.

Annotating on some else's shared screen

When someone else in the meeting shares their screen or whiteboard, other participants can add annotations to this screen if the feature is turned on.

  1. Click View Options.
  2. Click Annotate.

The annotations menu will now appear.

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