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How do I set the publish settings of an exam with open questions?

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After composing the Assessment, it can be published. The Faculty Coordinator Digital Assessment of your faculty will schedule the assessment. In the publish menu, several options can be selected, which have an impact on (the settings in) Marking.

  • Go to Assessment in the navigation on the left and navigate to the assessment you want to have marked automatically.

You can only publish when all steps have been done:

  1. Give the assessement a name.
  2. Set options for the assessment.
  3. Select a pool of questions.
  4. Create Forms.

Click on Publish.

Cirrus assessment and 1 more page - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge
  1. Select Manually score auto-scored questions  if you want the assessment to be marked automatically and also still want to be able to mark the answers given by candidates.
  2. Select Scheduler is assessor, so that the scheduler of the assessment is automatically assigned as a marker.
  3. Select Coordinator assign assessors, so that the marking coordinator can set up the marking workflow and supports multiple markers and moderators.  
  4. Select under Status in the drop-down menu the option Live.
  5. Publish 

Discuss the settings with your faculty coordinator in case you have questions or doubts about which setting to use.

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