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Working with registrations | Zoom

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When you use webinars you can work with registrations. Participants have to confirm they will be attending before they are let in. The benefit of this is that you will have more control over the maximum number of participants. You can also decide who you will and will not let in before the meeting starts. You can also ask additional questions during the registration, for example about the background of the participants or whether they have questions beforehand. 

Turn on registrations

Registrations have to be turned on in the webinar settings.

  • Navigate to and log in using your Radboud Zoom account.
  • Navigate to  Webinars.
  • Navigate to Upcoming.
  • Select the webinar you want to turn on registrations for.

Select Required below Registration.

If the webinar is part of a series, you can decide between the following options:

  • Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences: Partipants have to register once, and can then participate in all meetings.
  • Attendees need to register for each occurence to attend: Participants have to register for each individual meeting.
  • Attendees register once and can choose one or more occurences to attend: Particiants have to register once and then choose one or multiple meetings they want to attend. They have to select which date and time they want to attend and will only be registered for these meetings.

Click Save to save the changes.

At the bottom of the screen of the planned webinar you will find data about the registrations below Invite. 

  1. Click Copy Invitation to copy the invitation for the registration. You can paste it in an email or publish it on a website.
  2. Click Send Invitation to Me to send yourself an email with the invitation.
  3. Click Edit at Registration Settings to set up options for the registration. 
  4. Click Edit at Manage Attendees to manage the registered participants.

Registration settings

Go to Registration Settings and click Edit to choose options for the registration.

  1. Choose whether the registration should be automatically approved or if you, as organiser, want to determine which registration will be admitted.
  2. Select Send an email to host when someone registers if you want to receive an email for every registration.
  3. Select Restrict number of registrants if you want to limit the number of participants. The maximum number of registrations is by default the same as the maximum number of participants of a webinar: 1000.
  4. Turn off Show social share buttons on registration page, unless you want the registration form to be shared easily on social media. 
  5. Click Save All to save the changes.

Alter registration form

You can change the registration form and request additional information from the participant. By default, Zoom Webinar will only ask for a first and last name and an email address. You can also ask for more information and add fields to the form.

  • Click Edit for the Registration Settings.
  1. Click the Questions tab to add or remove predefined fields.
  2. Select the field you want to add. By default the last name field is selected.
  3. Choose whether the field is mandatory or not.
  1. Click Custom Questions to add your own questions to the registration form.
  2. Click New Question to create a new question.
  1. Select the question type: Short Answer, Single Answer or Multiple Answer.
  2. Determine whether the question is mandatory.
  3. Enter the question and possibly the answer options.
  4. Click Create to add the question.
  5. Click Save All to save all changes.

A registration form where participants can register for one or several webinars from a series and where additional questions are added, might look like this: 

Manage registrations

You can access a list of participants who have registered and see the answers they have entered for the questions in the application form. You can also approve or reject participants.

In the Pending Approval tab you will see the participants who still need to be approved. The names will appear here if you have set the registration to manual approval. 

  1. Click the name of the participant to view the details.
  2. Select the participants of which you want to change the status. 
  3. Click Approve or Deny to approve or deny the participant.
    If you deny an applicant you will be asked to provide a reason for the rejection email the participant will receive.
    If you approve a participant, they will automatically receive a confirmation email.

On the Approved tab you will find all approved applications. If you have set the registration to automatic approval, all participants will automatically be moved to that list. Click the name of the participant to view the details.

  1. Click the name of one participant to view the details.
  2. Select one or multiple participants.
  3. Click Cancel Registration to cancel the registration. You will be asked to provide a reason for the rejection mail the participant will recieve.
  4. Click Resend Confirmation Email to resend the confirmation email to the participant. You can also click Copy to copy the text from the confirmation email and use it in your own mail application.

The Denied/Blocked tab contains all rejected applications as well as all participants you have deleted during the webinar. You can still approve them here, if you accidentally removed or rejected someone.

  1. Click the name of the participant to view their details.
  2. Select one or several participants.
  3. Click Approve to approve of the registration. The participant will automatically receive a confirmation email.
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