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Interaction during a webinar | Zoom

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A Zoom Webinar is very similar to a Zoom Meeting for the host, cohost and panel member. The difference from a meeting is that participants are not visible in the screen. They also cannot share their screen and can ask question in the Q&A in addition to the chat. 

If you open the Webinar before the set date and time, you will arrive in the practice session when you have opted to allow one. Here, you can go over the session with your fellow presenters without the participants having access.

If you want to go over the session first, then keep the announcement in your screen. If you want to start the actual webinar with participants, click Start Webinar.

Manage participants

  • Click Participants to see which participants are president.

The Participants screen is divided into a Panelist tab and an Attendees tab.

  1. Click Allow to Talk  to give a participant the opportunity to turn on their microphone.
  2. Click Chat to have a private chat with a participant.
  3. Click Promote to panelist  to give the participant the same rights as a panelist.
  4. Click  Remove to remove the participant from the webinar.

If you remove a participant from the webinar, their Zoom account will be blocked for this session, after which the participant can no longer return to the webinar. 

Share screen

At first the host is the only one who has screensharing rights. You can also allow guest speakers to share their screen

  • Click the arrow next to Share Screen.
  • Select All Panelists.


Participants can ask questions during the session through the Q&A feature. A difference with the chat is that messages in the chat are organized based on time. With the Q&A, presenters and moderators can answer a specific question. This way question and answer are listed together.

Click the Q&A screen at the bottom to open the window with questions.

In this window, you can determine whether participants are allowed to ask an anonymous question, which questions are visible for everyone, and whether participants can react.

  1. Click the radar icon in the Q&A screen.
  2. Select whether participants can ask a question anonymously; the name is not shown in this case, not even to the host.
  3. Choose whether all participants only get to see the answered questions, or also the unanswered ones.
  4. Choose whether participants can respond to questions by upvoting them, and whether they can also react to the question posted.

During the webinar you will see an overview of all questions that have been asked in the Q&A screen. The first tab contains the questions that have not yet been answered.  

  1. Click Type Answer to answer the question in written form.
  2. When answering, click Send Privately if you only want the answer to be visible for the person who asked the question.
  3. Click Send to send the answer.
  4. Click Answer Live to answer the question during your presentation.
  5. Click Done when you have discussed the question live.
  6. Click the three dots to ignore or delete a question.

The questions you have answered in written form or in real time can be found in the second tab. If you wish, you can add an additional answer.
Questions you have ignored can be found on the third tab.
Questions who are deleted can no longer be retrieved.

Working with polls

During a webinar you can give participants one or several polls with multiple choice answers. A poll is created on the Zoom website. You can set up the poll before the webinar starts, after which you can show the questions to the students during the webinar. 

Create a poll

  • Navigate to and log in using your Radboud Zoom account.
  • Navigate to Webinars.
  • Navigate to Upcoming.
  • Select the webinar you want to add the poll to. 
  1. Click Polls/Survey at the bottom.
  2. Click Add.
  1. Give your Survey a clear title.
  2. Decide whether participants can react anonymously.
  3. Enter your question.
  4. Choose whether participants can choose one or deveral answers.
  5. Enter your answer options.
  6. Add more answers if you wish.
  7. Click Save.

You can add multiple surveys to one webinar. During the webinar you can select the survey you want to show students in that moment.

Present a poll

During a webinar you can show previously created polls to participants.

  • Click Polling.
  1. Click the arrow next to the title to select the desired poll.
  2. Select Allow panelists to vote to give guest speakers the option to vote.
  3. Click Launch Poll to start the poll.
  • If you want to make changes to the question in the moment, click Edit. This will direct you to the Zoom website.

When you open the poll you will see the Polls window:

  • How long the poll has been available for participants.
  • How many participants have answered.
  • The division of the given answers.
  • Click End Poll to end the poll for the participants.
  1. Click Share Results to show the results to all participants.
  2. Click Re-launch to relaunch the poll. Previously provided answers will be deleted.
  3. Select Download to save the provided answers. The answers can be retrieved in the management of your webinars at the Zoom website. You cannot download the answers here.
  • Click Stop Sharing to stop sharing the answers.
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