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How do I import/export one or multiple items to/from my ePortfolio?

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You can use Brightspace to export items from your ePortfolio. This will result in a Brightspace .zip-file which can then be imported to the Brightspace ePortfolio.

You could use this to give students easy access to multiple items, without having to push the item; place the .zip-file in a course so students can download and import the file.

  1. Click My Items.
  2. Click More Actions.
  3. Click Go to Import / Export page.

The Import/Export ePortfolio Content screen shows an overview of all imports, exports and pushes you did.


  1. In the Import / Export ePortfolio Content screen, click Export.
  1. Click All Items to export all items from your ePortfolio.
  2. Click Selected Items to only export specifically selected items from your ePortfolio.
  1. Select Automatically include associated items to also export associated items (learning objectives, etc.).
  2. Click Add Items to select items that need to be exported.
  3. Click Export.
  1. Click Done. You will be returned to the Import/Export screen.
  1. Click the .zip-file to download it to your computer.


  1. In the Import / Export ePortfolio content screen, click Import.
  1. Select Bestand Kiezen or Choose file. This will open the file explorer. Select the .zip-file you want to import. If you just downloaded the file from your ePortfolio, it would be in the Downloads folder of your computer. The standard filename is eP_export_Name_of_Person_date and code . For example eP_export_Pietje_Puk_270620181608.
  2. Click Next.
  1. Click Import.

The items are now imported in your ePortfolio.

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