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What is the difference between sharing, pushing and exporting/importing in my ePortfolio?

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There are multiple option in the ePortfolio to share a file with a recipient. You can share or push files, but you can also import files to your ePortfolio and export files to your computer. The differences between these option is explained below.


Sharing is used to share an item, made by you, with a recipient. A student could for example ask the recipients for feedback.

When sharing an item:

  • the person who shares the item stays the owner of the item;
  • the recipient can see the item in the Explore screen;
  • the recipients can see who shared the item with them;
  • all the assessments and comments that are added to the item are immediately visible for the person who shared it;
  • all changes are immediately visible for everyone with whom the item is shared.

More information over how to share an item can be found here.


Pushing is used to give an item to a recipient. The recipient sees the item like he made it and can change the settings and/or content freely.

Only teachers can push items, students cannot!

When pushing an item:

  • the recipient becomes the owner of the item, they receive their own copy of it;
  • the recipient can see the item in the My Items screen;
  • the recipient can not see who pushed the item;
  • the person who pushed cannot see when the recipients make a change in the item.

More information over how to push an item can be found here.


Exporting an item is used to download files from your ePortfolio to your computer. When exporting a file to your computer, you create a Brightspace .zip-file of the chosen item and save it on your computer. This Zip-file contains the original item.

Importing (an) item(s) is used to upload files from your computer to your ePortfolio.

When importing/exporting an item:

  • documents can be released, without pushing, by making an export of the documents;
  • the imported items are from the person who imports them;
  • the imported items are visible from the My Items schreen;
  • you can choose whether to make an export of just a few items or of the entire portfolio.

More information over how to push an item can be found here.

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