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1. Frequently asked questions about basic functionalities of the ePortfolio

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How can I, as a lecturer, keep the overview in my ePortfolio?

As a lecturer or coordinator you may receive many shared documents from students. Documents that are shared with you via the ePortfolio can be found by clicking on the Explore tab in your own ePortfolio. These documents can easily become a long list. To keep an overview you can: 

1. Let students share efficiently
Ask students to share a collection from their ePortfolio with you (named after themselves) . Every time they add a document to this shared collection, or change a document, you can see the updated version immediately. You therefore have one collection folder for each student in the Explore environment. Students can add the same item to multiple collections.


Ask students to share a presentation with you. Every time they add or modify a document in the presentation, the shared presentation also changes. You therefore have one presentation for each student in the Explore environment.

Note: You will not be automatically informed if a student changes a collection or a presentation (or the documents within it). If you want to, you can:

  • subscribe to the collection, the presentation (or a document in it). You will receive a message with every change.
  • ask the student to send a new invite when he has finished making changes.

2. Searching efficiently
If you click on a student name in the Explore tab, it shows all shared documents from this student. You can thus easily find the documents of one specific student.

In the images below we clicked on the name Teststudent55 EP_SB_2 (first image) and you see the sorting on the name of Teststudent55 EP_SB_2 (second image).

Another possibility is working with Tags. Ask the students to give the document that they share with you the same tag. For example, 2018assignment1.
You can search for this tag in the Explore tab and find all the shared items with this tag attached.
The example below shows two different documents of two different students with the same tag.

What is the difference between an ePortfolio, a presentation and a portfolio course in Brightspace?

An ePortfolio is a personal environment for every Brightspace user, in which different types of items can be stored and organized. These items can also be shared with others, who can give feedback on the document.

A presentation in Brightspace is a 'showcase' environment that can be created from the ePortfolio. A presentation can contain one or more items from the ePortfolio.

A portfolio course is a course in Brightspace in which the ePortfolio is used to achieve a goal.

Can the portfolio space of a student be determined by the study program?

No and yes;

The ePortfolio environment in Brightspace is a personal environment. What a student does or does not do is not to be determined or checked by the study program or teachers.

A study program or teacher can push a proposal for a structure to a student, or make it available via an export / import file in a course.

This could for example be a template presentation that students can fill with their own documents.

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