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2. Frequently asked questions about sharing items in the ePortfolio

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Can the recipient of shared items share those items with others?

No, a shared item can not be shared by the recipient with a third party.

It is possible to use a comment on a document to add a link to a document shared with you. This document can only be opened by the new recipient if the document concerned has been shared with them before.

How do I know that I have received a shared document?

You will receive a shared document in the Explore tab in your ePortfolio.

If a student has sent an invite after sharing a document, the recipient will receive an email in his RU mailbox. In addition, a message is displayed on the ePortfolio tab that a new invite has been received.

There are notification icons at the top of the Brightspace mini bar. These icons are not used by the ePortfolio. Notifications of received ePortfolio items or invites will not appear here.

Does a tag stay attached to an item when the item is pushed?

Yes, a tag remains attached to the item when it is pushed to another portfolio.

Note: a Taglist (attached to a collection) will not be pushed with the item.

Where can I see to whom I have pushed items?

  1. Click the My Items tab.
  2. Click More Actions.
  3. Select Go to Import / Export page.

Select the Pushes to Others tab to see to who you have pushed.

It does not show which item you have pushed.

How can I see from which student I have received a shared item?

The Explore tab in the ePortfolio shows all documents shared with you. Behind each document is the name of the person who shared it with you. 

Click on the name of the student to filter the list of displayed items on the name of the student.

Can a program coordinator also see items from a student that have been shared with a(nother) teacher through the ePortfolio?

Not without permission from the student. If a program coordinator wants insight into the items of a portfolio, the owner of the portfolio must also share these items with the coordinator.

Can I save an item that has been shared with me and that I commented on in my own ePortfolio?

No. A student can always 'unshare' a shared item, even if someone has left a comment on the item. If you want a document from a student to remain accessible, let them submit it via a course assignment.

Is an reflection that is attached to a item also shared if the item is shared?

No, a reflection attached to another item is not included when you share the item. An item and an attached reflection are two separate items after sharing.

When you share both an item and the connected reflection they will both appear in the recipient's ePortfolio separately.

How do I view separate files from a shared collection?

When a collection has been shared with you it is not possible to view the separate items with Preview. This will cause Brightspace to freeze after which you will need to close the page.

Open the collection and, as indicated with the orange squares, click the name of the document or click the file name to download it right away.

When a student exports their ePortfolio will the filled-out rubric be exported as well?

No, rubrics will not be transferred when an item is exported, regardless of the content of the rubric or item.

There can be two causes: 

  1. The person who has shared the document has unshared it. This means the document will no longer be visible for you.
  2. Log into Brightspace before you click the link in the email. Otherwise you will be navigated to the homepage instead of the document page.
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