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7. Frequently asked questions about the use of the ePortfolio

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Can I use the ePortfolio to make a portfolio for my BKO/UKO (education certificates)?

Everyone can use their ePortfolio the way they want. The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences are going to use the ePortfolio for their teacher qualifications starting September 2018. More information about this can be obtained at the TIPs of those faculties.

The ePortfolio functionalities do not do what they are supposed to do, how is that possible?

You may be using a browser that is not supported by Brightspace. Visit to read which browsers are supported. Google Chrome is recommended as the default browser for using the Brightspace ePorfolio.

What is the difference between the use of ePortfolio from the browser on different devices?

The ePortfolio works well in the browser on the phone, tablet and computer.


Note: when sharing an item via your phone or tablet, the search function might not work on some devices. If you press enter after typing a name, the cursor jumps to add an external user instead of searching for a name or email address.

What are RSS-feed settings in the ePortfolio?

The RSS Update is a way to get updates on activity from your ePortfolio, for example via an RSS reader. You can get a limited overview of feedback given on your items or about invites sent to you. It is intended that you add this page to an RSS reader, You will get a message in your browser if someone leaves feedback on an item or sends an invite.

A good RSS feed application for Chrome is this extension. More information about RSS feed applications and various alternatives for both computers and mobile phones can be found here.

Feedback RSS

  1. Click Settings.
  1. Click Feedback RSS.

Here you will find a limited overview of when something happens to an item from your ePortfolio. It does not provide any further information about the artifact in question. This URL can be read by an RSS Reader

Invite RSS

  1. Click Settings.
  1. Click Invite RSS.

Here you will find a limited overview of invites that have been sent to you. There is only the name of the shared document, not who sent the invite.

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