How can I create a list of test candidates?

A teachter can create a of candidates enrolled in the test. Optional grades can be entered in the list, and the list can be up-loaded afterwards, so the grades are added to OSIRIS.

Select the test you want to create a candidates list for

Select the corse - test  you want to create  a cadidates list of, by clicking the badge.

Select action "Create file"

Click the "ACTIONS" button, and select "Create file" from the drop down menu.

Download the created file of the candidates

In the screen a notification is prompted stating the file is created. Now click on the file (MS Excel format)  to download it to your computer.

You can now open the MS Excel file, and optional fill in the grades and the grade dates of the test after each candidate. After saving  the file it can be uploaded again. See the next instruction.