How do I view previously submitted work in Turnitin?

Starting on April 1, 2021, Turnitin will no longer be accessible from Brightspace. Creating new Assignments with Turnitin enabled will no longer be possible from that date on.

Submissions that were handed in before, including plagiarism reports and annotations, can still be viewed on This is a read-only environment that no longer allows new data to be added to the documents. The end date for this access is September 26, 2021.

Creating an account

Before you can login to, you must first create a password. Go to and click Login to the upper right corner.

  • Click on Click here after "Forgot your password?".
  1. Fill out your Radboud Email Address as it is displayed in Brightspace.
  2. Enter your Last Name or Family Name as it is displayed in Brightspace.

Note: if your email address was changed recently due to the new Radboud account name, please fill out your old email address.

Next, an email containing a link to setup a password will be sent to your email address.

  • Click the link to open Turnitin and setup a password.
  1. Enter a new password that is at least eight characters long.
  2. Click Next to setup your new password.

View Assignments

Go to and click Login in the upper right corner. Enter your email address and newly created password.

Note: if your email address was changed recently due to the new Radboud account name, please fill out your old email address.

A list of courses in which you are an instructor appears.

  • Click the name of the course to open the list of assignments.

In the table of assignments, there are several things you can do.

  • The Start Date is the same as the Start Date as configured in Brightspace.
  • The Due Date is also the same as the Due Date in Brightspace.
  • The Post Date is the End Date as configured in Brightspace. If no End Date is configured, this value will be set to one year after the Start date.
  • In the Status column, you can view how many students handed in an assignment.
  • In the Actions column, you can click on View for each assignment. A list of submissions for that assignment appears.

In the assignment screen, there are several columns.

  • In the Author column, the name of the student appears.
  • In the Title column, the submission's file name appears. Clicking this file name will open Feedback Studio for that submission.
  • The Similarity column displays the plagiarism score for that file. Clicking the score will also open Feedback Studio.
  • If a grade was given in Feedback Studio, it will appear in the Grade column.
  • The File column displays download links for each individual submission.

The Feedback Studio can only be used for viewing or downloading assignments handed in before. Though you can assess the documents and add comments, this has no use. Grades are not sent to Brightspace and the students can not access Turitin to view the comments.