Docent - TeacherGuides and instructionsBrightspace ePortfolio: Building an ePortfolioHow can students fill their ePortfolio with content from a course?

How can students fill their ePortfolio with content from a course?

Students can send content from their courses to their ePortfolio in two different ways:

Reflect in ePortfolio

When a student wants to write down a thought or comment about a topic (for example a document or an assignment) in the course, this can be done with the button Reflect in ePortfolio.

  1. Click on Content within a course.
  2. Click on the module where the topic is located.
  3. Click on the arrow next to the topic.
  4. Click View Topic.

The topic is opened.

  1. Click on Reflect in ePortfolio.

A screen opens where the student can write the thought / comment. In order to easily find the reflection in the ePortfolio later, a tag can be added to the reflection.

Add to ePortfolio

The student can add the results from and the feedback on a submitted assignment to his ePortfolio.

  1. Within a course, click on Activities.
  2. Click Assignments.
  1. Search for the assignment to be placed in the ePortfolio and click View Feedback.

On this screen you see the rubric filled in by the teacher and any comments that have been added.

  1. Click on Add to ePortfolio.
  1. Select the check box if the submitted assignment must also be placed in the ePortfolio.
  2. Enter the remaining information and add a tag if necessary.
  3. Click Add.

The rubric can now be found in your ePortfolio.