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How do I attach a rubric to an item in my ePortfolio?

  • Creating rubrics can be done by teachers via the rubric tool in a course.
  • Only the owner of the ePortfolio can attach one or more rubric(s) to an item in his or her ePortfolio.
  • One or more rubric(s) can be attached to all types of documents in an ePortfolio, except for a reflection.
  • After the sharing of an item, an attached rubric can be filled in by students and teachers.
  • The owner of the document can also fill in a rubric for his own document.

Attaching a rubric

  1. From the course where the rubric is available, click on the ePortfolio tab

It is important that you go to the ePortfolio from within the course, otherwise the rubrics associated with the course will not be shown.

  1. Click on My Items tab.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the item to be linked to a rubric.
  3. Click Edit.

A new window opens. Scroll down to the Comments / Assessments heading.

  1. Click Add Rubrics.
  2. Select the rubric(s) to be added.
  3. Click Add Selected.

Click Save And Close, the rubric(s) is/are now attached.