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4. Frequently asked questions about giving feedback in the ePortfolio

Can a teacher change a rubric that has already been used in an ePortfolio?

If a teacher wants to modify a rubric that has already been used (filled in), the following message will follow: Rubric has assessment and can not be edited or deleted.

The teacher can make a copy of the used rubric, make adjustments and then save the rubric with a new name. This copy can then be attached to an assignment.

To make a copy of a rubric:

  1. Go to Administration.
  2. Click on Course Admin.
  3. Click on Rubrics.
  4. Click on the arrow next to the rubric.
  5. Select Copy.

Can you push rubrics?

No. a teacher can only push items from his / her ePortfolio (files, presentations, collections etc). A rubric is created in Brightspace itself and can be attached to documents.

If an item with a rubric attached to it is pushed, the rubric is also pushed.

If a student adds a submission on which he has received feedback to the ePortfolio, it is not visible who gave the feedback. Is that correct?

Yes this is correct.

Even if students view their received feedback on a submission in the course itself, it is not visible from whom the feedback comes. It is desirable that it becomes possible that the name of a feedback provider is shown. This has been reported to the supplier.

Can students make a submission as a group, but send the feedback individually to their portfolio?

Yes, if a student submits a group assignment, the entire group can individually add the feedback in their ePortfolio.

I can not see submissions that contain an ePortfolio item with the grader app, is that correct?

That's right. Unfortunately, the grader app does not support ePortfolio-related items and a document that has been published from a student's ePortfolio can not be viewed in the app. View / rate the submission in Brightspace via the web browser.