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How do I change my role in Portflow?

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You can choose between three different roles in Portflow, namely student, teacher or coach. You are automatically given a certain role in the system. However, you can choose to give feedback or post a comment from a different role. Your role is visible in your feedback or response. 

  1. Go to the Portflow homepage.
  2. Next to your name, click on your role.
  3. Click on the role you want to take on.  

Your role has now been changed and is visible in comments or feedback.

When logging in for the first time to Portflow, the role is set to student for everyone, regardless of the role you have in Brightspace. It is advisable to change your role to teacher right away.

The system remembers the last role you selected. If you want to provide feedback or comments from a different role, adjust it again on the homepage.

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