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How do I add a planned meeting or a recording to Content?

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It is possible to add a planned meeting and the recording you creating to your course content at once. Students can then see that the meeting is part of a module. 

Go to Content in the navbar of your course.

  1. Navigate to the module to which you want to add the Virtual Classroom meeting.
  2. Click Existing Activities.
  3. Select Virtual Classroom.

Click on the name of the meeting you want to add to Content.

A topic is now created. This topic will refer to the meeting.

If the meeting is not finished yet this link will take you to the planned or currently active meeting. If the meeting is recorded, this link will take you to the recording. You do not have to add a recording to your course afterwards if you have added the link before the meeting started and you checked the option Publish recorded meeting.

You can only add meetings to Content if they are accesible to the entire class. If you have a meeting with only a few students, you have to access the meeting via the Calendar event.

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