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How can I moderate a presentation?

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Wooclap offers two ways to moderate a presentation. For example, you can use moderation to remove undesired answers or you can moderate the presentation as a whole..

  1. Moderator for certain types of questions
  2. Moderating the presentation as a whole

Moderator for certain types of questions

For some questions (open questions & word cloud) you can indicate in the settings of the question that you want to moderate the answers. Then you have to approve the given answers before they are being displayed. You can read how this works in the Wooclap's manual: Can I remove undesirable answers?

A disadvantage of this is that you have to do moderate on the same screen as the presentation itself. If you have two screens at your disposal, you can duplicate the presentation on the second screen. The actions on the second screen are not visible to the public, but the results (the approved answers) are visible. This way you can still view the given answers out of sight of the participants and then approve or delete them.  

Moderating the presentation as a whole

You can also use the Moderator interface. This allows you to moderate the presentation as a whole. You can control the Moderator interface via a second screen/browser/device (laptop or tablet, not a mobile phone).   

  • In the second browser, go to My Events
  • Click on the three dots behind the right event 
  • Then click Moderate.

You will then see an overview of the answers received and can categorize, adjust or delete them. You will also get an overview of the questions/slides within your presentation. Here you can easily navigate through the questions, indicate whether answers should be shown, start/stop voting and show the correct answer. 

You can read how the Moderator interface works in Wooclap's manual: What is the Moderator interface?

If you've added notes to your presentation, they'll only be visible in the Moderator interface when you're scrolling through the slides and questions, not when you click on a question directly. 

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