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How do I add Wooclap to my PowerPoint?

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Please note: this feature does not work in the version of PowerPoint installed on the desktop computers in lecture halls. So if you create a PowerPoint presentation on your own laptop or computer that incorporates Wooclap questions, you will have to bring your own laptop to the lecture hall. Another workaround is to access PowerPoint via on the computer in the lecture hall.

In order to add Wooclap questions to your PowerPoint presentation, you will need to download an add-in.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click Insert in the upper left corner
  2. Click My Add-ins and select See All
  1. Click Admin managed
  2. Click Wooclap
  3. Click Add

The first time you use the Wooclap plugin, you'll need to link your Wooclap account.
Click Start to start linking.

Under Log in with your institution, select Radboud University.

Click Login.
Your browser will now be opened, from which you can now use SURFconext to log in with your Radboud account.

You will see a screen with an access key.
Click Copy to copy this key.

  1. Past the access key
  2. Click Sign in to activate your connection to Wooclap.

You can now find Wooclap under My add-ins. Here you can read how to use Wooclap slides in your presentation.

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