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What is Evalytics?

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Evalytics is an online tool that allows to you carry out course, teacher, and/or exam evaluations. Evalytics makes it as easy as possible to fill out evaluations. There are two ways for a teacher to evaluate: in the classroom together with your students, or through an invitation that asks students to fill out the evaluation in their own time. The teacher will see an orderly overview of all of the results in their own online portal.

How does Evalytics work?

  1.  Evalytics is linked to OSIRIS, which means evaluations that were prepared for your course are automatically sent to all students who have enrolled in your course. As a lecturer, you do not have to create these evaluations each time. The educational administration will add questions/forms from previous course evaluations to the current course evaluations.
  2. At the end of your course, you use your Radboud account details to log in to Evalytics to view the results. You can see the average scores for each question, or view all answers separately. You can not see other lecturers' data. However, the programme coordinator can do so.
  3. You can also write your lecturer reflection in Evalytics. Students will immediately receive feedback on this.

Two ways of evaluating

You can use Evalytics to distribute your evaluations in two ways:

  1. Each student in OSIRIS who has enrolled in your course, will automatically receive a digital invitation (via email, SMS, or in the app) to fill in the course evaluation after the final lecture. They do this in their own time. The system also automatically sends reminders.
  2. You can use your final lecture to fill in the evaluation live. Students can use their laptop or phone to go to the Evalytics website or app and must fill in the code of your evaluation. You can show the results, presented as insightful graphs, on the screen in the lecture hall. After filling in the evaluation, you and your students can discuss the results.

Do you want to make use of Evalytics?

Please contact the key user at your faculty.

Grotius Academy
Ellen van Lent ([email protected])
CPO courses
Renée Schepens-Rauwerda ([email protected])
CPO foundations
Mirjam den Brok ([email protected])
Radboud Centre Social Sciences AMID & RITHA
Daphne Cauter ([email protected])
Faculty of Arts
Carine Eskes ([email protected])
Faculty of Medical Sciences Roos Lindeboom ([email protected])
Faculty of Social Sciences
Helma van Tits ([email protected])
In’to Languages
Ellen Dijkstra ([email protected]), Rebecca Keshish Danialian ([email protected]), Simone Claessen ([email protected])
Nijmegen School of Management Erna Veneman ([email protected])
Radboud Teaching Academy

Lieke van der Zee ([email protected]), 

Jaap Rohof ([email protected]

Radboud Writing Lab
Nelleke Haverkate ([email protected])

For any other questions, you can contact [email protected].

If you want more information on the use of Evalytics, you can log into the Evalytics website and go to Support. Here you can find extensive manuals for each topic.

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