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Add feedback in Evalytics (lecturer)

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Please note: An evaluation with less than 5 respondents OR with a response percentage of less than 20% is not considered to be representative, and is therefore declared to be invalid. The lecturer does not need to add feedback in that case.

  1. Check whether you are in the correct programme environment, which you can see in the top left corner (in the example below, it is Bachelor CIW).

How do I add feedback to an evaluation?

  1. In the left-hand menu, click 'Evaluations'. The list with evaluations of courses you taught is shown.
  2. If you think evaluations are missing, you can check whether the filter is set correctly.

Then look only at the evaluations that:

  1. have the status 'Open for feedback';
    if there is a purple block with a number behind it, it means that feedback has also been added by (an)other teacher(s)
  2. are valid.
    a valid evaluation has min. 5 respondents AND min. 20% response rate

If you want to review the results of the evaluation and/or feedback from the other teacher(s), do so first. See the manual to viewing results [EN to be added soon, Dutch manual: resultaten inzien] (opens in new window). Then continue with step 6.

  1. Click on the yellow 'Add feedback' button behind the relevant evaluation.
    NOTE: Do NOT use the option 'Send recap'. The recap (to students) is sent by the quality assurance coordinator after the evaluation has been discussed in the programme committee.

    A pop-up window will open:
  1. Select the role from which you want to ad the feedback (Teacher/lecturer).
    This only applies if you also have multiple roles within this environment. Otherwise, it will automatically state 'Teacher'.
  2. Add your feedback to the results of the course evaluation.
    • The Vade Mecum Quality Assurance in Education states the following:
      The  lecturer  writes  feedback for  each valid  evaluation,  in  which  the  good  and  not  so  good  aspects of the course are reflected upon and in which is indicated whether the lecturer would like to or be able to improve the course in the coming academic year, if there is reason to, and if  so,  how.  Even  in  the  event  of  the  evaluation  being  unanimously  positive, a  lecturer’s  feedback  is  desirable  (see Appendix  2a).  If multiple  lecturers  are  involved  in  a  course,  the individual  feedback can  only  be  seen  by the  lecturer  in  question,  the  quality  assurance  coordinator and the members of the programme committee.  (Vade Mecum Quality Assurance in Education, sept. 2022, p.12)
    • The response (feedback) is only visible to the course coordinator (if applicable), the OLC members and the quality assurance coordinator and therefore NOT to students. The quality assurance coordinator provides feedback to students.
  3. If you can/want to formulate specific action points, fill them in. You can also indicate which action points have already been completed.
  4. Please do not add any files.
  5. Finally, click 'Save'.
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