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View and download results (lecturer)

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Please note: An evaluation with less than 5 respondents OR with a response percentage of less than 20% is not considered to be representative, and is therefore declared to be invalid. These results will therefore not be visible.

  1. Check whether you are in the correct programme environment, which you can see in the top left corner (in the example below, it is Bachelor CIW).

Open the results page

  1. In the left-hand menu, click 'Evaluations'. The list with evaluations of courses you taught is shown.
  2. Click on the name of the course you want to view.
  1. The evaluation overview screen opens: click on 'Results' in the right-hand menu.

You can now view the results online or download them.

View results online
  1. You are on the results page of the corresponding evaluation. Scroll down a bit to see the questions and results.
  2. Behind each question you will find the average score.
  3. You can expand each question for more details, there you will also find the median.  
Download results
  1. You are on the results page of the relevant evaluation: click 'Download Report' in the top right.
    !! Only do this if your laptop/computer is encrypted !!
  1. A pop-up opens. Scroll down to see all options.
    It is recommended to download a report as complete as possible and thus tick almost everything. The options you see depend on the role you have in Evalytics.
    For the most compact report possible, it is useful to check 'Hide short answers'.
  2. Then click on 'Download'.
    !! Only do this if your laptop/computer is encrypted !!
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