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How do I navigate within H5P?

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The following screen will be opened when you open H5P: 

Drag the icon with the three bars at the bottom right to change the size of the window. 

On this page you will be able to navigate to the different components within H5P:

  1. Add Content. Here you have access to the different content types you can use to create new content.
  2. New Folder. Here you can create a new folder where you can save content.
  3. Manage Content. Here you can manage the created content and view shared content.
  4. Search bar. Here you can search content.
  5. My Content. Here you will find the created content or files.
  6. Profile settings. Here you can change your account settings (language, profile picture).

1. Add content

When you click Add Content you will get to see an overview of all content types. Click one of the content types to start creating the content. You can also see an example of the chosen content type, by clicking the Details button.

On the top right of the screen you can save the created content by clicking Save (content will be saved within H5P) or Save and Insert (content will be saved within H5P and added to your Brightspace course).

2. New Folder

Click New Folder to create a new folder where you can organise your content. Enter a name in the window that appears and click Create. It is very useful to create folders when you want to organise your H5P. For example, you can create a folder for every course.

3. Manage Content

You can see all of your content in the start screen:

  1. My Content. Here you will see the content you created yourself.
  2. Shared with me. Here you will see the content other users have shared with you.
  3. All Content. Here you will see both your own and the shared content.

4. Search bar

Use the search bar to search for the content you have previously created or search for the content that was shared by others which you want to use.

5. Folder/Content

When you click one of the folders in My Content, you will get to see all of the content that is in that folder. It is possible to change the content (click the pencil icon), add content to the Brightspace course (click the Insert button) or to change the settings of the content (click the three dots).

6. Profile settings

Click the profile icon and then click My Account. Here you can add a profile picture or change the language settings for your account.

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