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Where do I save my content?

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It is strongly recommended to create folders withint H5P to organise your content properly. Follow the steps in Brightspace to go to the H5P main menu.

  • Once you are in the H5P main menu, click New Folder.

Enter, for example, the name of your course and click Create. Do the same for your personal sandbox, for example Geralt's sandbox.

It is also possible to put the content in a specific folder when you are creating it.

  1. Scroll down while you are creating the content and click Folder. 
  2. Choose the folder you want to save the content in.
  3. Click Save and Insert when you want to save the content in the folder and also want to publish it in Brightspace at the same time.
  4. Click Save when you only want to save the content in the folder. You can publish the content in Brightspace at a later moment as well.
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