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How do you share content?

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Within H5P it is possible to share your own content with others in the environment. You can do this in two ways:

  1. When you are creating the content you can indicate at the bottom of the page who can view or edit your content.
  2. When you have already created the content and want to share it with someone, you can choose this option in the main menu.

1. After the creating of content

Scroll down when you are creating content within a content type, and then click Collaborators. Use the search bar to find colleagues you want to share the content with. You can search for names or email addresses.

2. In the main menu

It is possible to share an entire folder containing several components. You can also share one specific component.

Go to My Content in the main menu and then click the three dots. Go to the Sharing page. 

With this option it is possible to share the content in two different ways:

  1. You can share the content in certain folders within H5P. That way, you do not have to enter different colleagues. (It is not possible to share the entire folder, just specific components).
  2. Similar to the previous option, you can use Collaborators to search for colleagues you wat to share the content with. 
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