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How do I copy a weblecture from one course to another?

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You might want to reuse a weblecture you have used in a previous course. There are two ways to do this. The first method uses the link and the Weblectures system, the other uses Brightspace import components. This manual will show you how to use both methods.

The first method to copy weblectures is useful when you want to copy just one or several weblectures.

  • Navigate to the content item in the course from which you want to copy the weblecture.
  • Locate the original weblecture and click it.
  • The weblecture will now open.
  • Click the Edit button that appears in the top left corner of the weblecture.
  • You will see the following screen, which includes the LTI link to this media.
  • Copy this link; this is the link you need to publish the weblecture in your new course.

For more information about adding a weblecture to the content of your course, take a look at How do I add a weblecture to my course?

Copy weblectures through Import Components

This method of copying weblectures is useful when you want to copy multiple weblectures. You can also easily copy the content items.

  • Navigate to the course where you want to put the copied weblecture.
  1.  Click Administration;
  2. Click Course Admin.
  • Click Import / Export / Copy Components
  1.  Click Copy Components from another Org Unit. Make sure the box for Include protected resources is checked.
  2. Click Search for offering
  1. Use the search bar to search for the course you want to copy the weblectures from. Do this by searching for a part of the course name.
  2. Click the course you want to copy from.
  3. Click Add Selected.
  • Click Select Components. 
  1. Select Content.
  2. Below Content, select Select individual items to copy.
  3. Select External Learning Tool Links.
  4. Below this, select Select individual items to copy.
  5. Click Continue.

You will now see an overview of the course content.

  1. Click a gray plus icon to fold out the content module.
  2. Select the content item (topic) you want to copy. The module including all content will be copied. If you only want to copy the weblecture, then you only have to select the weblecture ('Om te kopiƫren' in the example above).
  3. Click Continue. 

You will now see an overview of all of the course's LTI links.

  1. Select the links to the corresponding weblectures.
  2. Click Continue. 

It is possible in this menu to copy several weblectures and/or content items at once. If you want to copy all weblectures from a course, you can select all of them in this menu.

You can choose to change the release data of the copied content items in the menu that appears. You can change the days and hours from the date of the original item to new ones. If you do not need this, you can unselect Offset all dates of copied components. 

  • Click Finish.

When you have finished copying, click View Content to view the copied content item(s) in the new course.

The copied content items can now automatically be found at the bottom of the course content list. You can move them - for more information please read What can I do under Content? and How do I edit the properties of a topic and how do I move a topic?

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