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How do I view the statistics of a weblecture?

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You can view the weblecture statistics of every weblecture that you have added to Brightspace. You cannot view the statistics of multiple weblectures at the same time.

  • Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course.
  1. Click on the (sub)module that contains the weblecture of which you want to view the statistics.
  2. Click on said weblecture.
  • Click the full screen button if you want to view the weblecture in full screen mode.
  • Click Edit (top left corner of the window).
  • Click on the statistics button (top right corner). A new window will open. Note: it may take a while for the statistics to appear.

Adjust view

You can change a few display settings for the statistics:

  • The period for which you see the statistics.
  • The type of graph.
  • The display of the graphs.

Adjust period

  • Clikc Select a period (top right corner). A new window will open.

There are three options:

  1. Whole period: view the statistics from the moment that the weblecture server has started (beginning of July 2014).
  2. Predetermined period: view the statistics from a specific month or specific year.
  3. Custom Period: view the statistics of a period you have set yourself.

Adjust the type of graph

Click Lines behind Graphs display mode. You will now have two options:

  1. Lines: for line graphs.
  2. Bars: for bar charts.

Adjust display

  • Check the display points box to display points in the graphs.
  • Check the display in two columns box to view the graphs in two columns instead of below each other.

View statistics

You will see the statistics for:

  • Videos pages visits: shows the amount of visits to the page in the selected period.
  • Videos plays: shows the number of times the video has been started in a selected period.
  • Most viewed segments: shows which segments of the video have been watched most frequently.
  • Total play time (in seconds): shows the total playing time of the video in a selected period.
  • Average playtime (in seconds): shows the average time the video has been played in a selected period.
  • Average video percent played (in %): shows the average time in percentages that the video has been played in a selected period.

Hover your mouse over certain points in the graph to get more information.

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