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How can I give all students the same result in one go?

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When a course is assessed with an alphanumeric result, for example Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, it can be useful to give all students a satisfactory result at first and then select a single student to change the grade into a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory result. This saves a lot of work compared to giving the same result to all students, especially when there are many students.  

This working instruction describes how this works.

Go to "Grade" to select the course and then the proper test

Use the filters to select your course:

Select the test for which your candidates should all get the same result.

Make a selection of the candidates by clicking on MAKE SELECTION and then tick SELECT ALL ROWS (or select the rows by (un)ticking the checkboxes behind the students' names).

Now click on the action menu "ACTIONS" and select the option "Assign grade".

Now enter a result (with date!) and click on the "ASSIGN" button.

Now all selected rows are filled with the selected result. If necessary, a result can still be modified. Subsequently you can click on "SAVE", or directly on "SIGN SELECTION" to sign the results.

  1. By clicking on the little icon after Grade, you will see the grade options that are part of the grading scale for this particular test.
  2. The test date should fit the Block period mentioned on top of the page.
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