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How do I view the statistics of my media in Kaltura?

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  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Kaltura My Media.
  • Click the video of which you want to view the statistics.
  1. Click Actions.
  2. Click Analytics. You will navigate to the Analytics Dashboard.

You will find an overview of the statistics on the Dashboard.

Here, you can see how many times the video was visited (Player impressions), played (Plays), how many Unique Viewers the video has, how many minutes were viewed (Minutes Viewed), and how many people completely watch the video on average (Avg. completion rate).

You will also have the following options when you go to the top right:

  1. Export: used to create a Report about certain data, such as the User Engagement or the Video Performance. This data will be sent to the email address that is linked to your Brightspace account.
  2. Filter: filter for certain search terms.
  3. Period: adjust the period for which you want to see the statistics. You can choose a Preset time period, such as the last 30 days or the current year, or a specific time period (Specific Date Range).

Below the video you can see how many viewers viewed the video at a certain moment with the options Views en Unique Authenticated Views. You also can look at the Engagement per User to learn more about viewing behaviour of specific viewers.

When you scroll down you will see some additional in-depth statistics:

  • Video performance over time:  How the video performs over time. You can click on multiple tabs, such as Player impressions and Minutes viewed. You can also compare different tabs (... compare to ...) and choose between a monthly display (Monthly) or a daily display (Daily).
  • How player impressions lead to engagement: here you see how many impressions the video has (Player impressions), how many times the video was played (Plays), how many times an impression became a play (Impressions that resulted in ... play-through).
  • Top countries: In which countries the video is watched the most.
  • Devices overview: on which devices the video is played the most.
  • Top Domains: list of domains where the most players watched the video.

To return to Kaltura My Media, navigate back to the navbar in Activities and then click Kaltura My Media.

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