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What's New? January 2024

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On 26 January 2024, there was a new version of Brightspace rolled out on the production environment (20.24.01). Below you can read what the changes are from this release.

Upload files with Insert Stuff in the Editor

It is now easier to upload files in the editor with Insert Stuff. In fact, you can now use Drag and Drop to upload a file from your computer. Read more in the manual How do I add media to the Editor?.

Link a Topic to a Discussion forum

When you create a topic, you can add that topic to a forum. Previously, a new forum was automatically created for your topic unless you adjusted the settings. Now you will see a drop-down menu where you can choose from existing forums or you can create a new one. Read more in the manual How do I create a topic in a discussion forum?.

Bug with Assignments in Safari and Firefox

In older browsers (Firefox and Safari up to version 16) in Assignments, it seems as if submitted documents are not loaded. The symbol indicating that the document is being loaded remains on the screen. Yet when you scroll down, the document is already there.

Adding Wooclap to PowerPoint

To add Wooclap to your PowerPoint, you use an Add-in. Add-ins were previously found under Insert in PowerPoint. Now you'll find Add-ins directly under Home. Read more in the manual How do I add Wooclap to my PowerPoint?.

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