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What's New? August 2023

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On 25 August 2023, a new version of Brightspace (20.23.8) was released. Read more about what's new in this release below.

Pin announcement to top

It is now possible to pin a specific announcement to the top of the course homepage. This announcement will stay at the top, even when you add new announcements. You can do so by clicking the arrow behind the announcement and then click Pin to top. Read more in the manual How do I manage Announcements?

Something goes wrong with the link to the timetables in Brightspace. So, it is momentarily not possible to access the timetables via Administration. The button RU Course Time Table has been  temporarily removed. You can still access the timetable of the course via the personal timetable on the website of the RU.

Update: the link to the timetable has now been restored. If you find that it is still not working properly for your course, please report it to your faculty's TIP.

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