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What's New? December 2023

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On 29 December 2023 , a new version of Brightspace (20.23.12) was released. Read more about what's new in this release below.

Publish announcements in other course(s)

It was already possible to copy announcements from one course to one or more other courses, but now you can also publish them directly in those other courses. Previously, they appeared in the announcement overview after copying, but you still had to publish them manually. You can now choose to publish immediately during the copying process and then the copied announcement is directly visible to students. You can read how to do this in Copying an Announcement to other courses

The Start Date of a quiz now also visible in Calendar 

If you set availability dates for a quiz, you can add them to the Brightspace Calendar. Earlier, only the End Date (from which students can no longer take the quiz) became visible in the Calendar. Now the Start Date (from which the students can take the quiz) will also appear in the Calendar if you choose this option. Read more in the manual How do I set restrictions for a quiz?

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