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What's New? September 2023

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On 28 September 2023, a new version of Brightspace (20.23.9) was released. Read more about what's new in this release below.

Time limit for quizzes

When setting a time limit for a quiz, you can now also specify when the time limit should start. You can choose Asynchronous if you want the time limit to start when the student starts the quiz, or Synchronous if you want the time limit to start on the start date and time of the quiz. The latter can be useful, for example, if you want the quiz to end at exactly the same time for everyone. Read more in the manual How do I set restrictions for a quiz?

2 Factor Authenticatie TrainTool

After logging into TrainTool via, teachers and coaches will now receive an email from TrainTool containing a verification code. This code is valid for 30 minutes and must be entered in the verification field on the TrainTool website to complete the login.

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