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What's New? January 2023

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On 27 January 2023, a new version of Brightspace (20.23.01) was released. Read more about what's new in this release below.

Release conditions Discussions have been expanded

In the release conditions for Discussions, you can now also specify as a condition that someone must have posted a certain number of replies. It used to be that someone had to have (also) started a topic.

Update in supported browser versions

There has been an update for the browser versions that are still supported. Browsers older than stated below will receive a notification that their browser is out of date. It is possible to continue using Brightspace, but it might cause difficulties. 

  • Chrome 107+ (released October 2022)
  • Android Chrome 107+ (released October 2022)
  • macOS Safari 16+ (released September 2022)
  • iOS Safari 16+ (released September 2022)
  • Firefox 106+ (released October 2022)
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