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How do I send an e-mail from the Classlist?

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With the Classlist you can easily e-mail people from your course individually, or send an e-mail to a group.

To one person

It is possible to e-mail students or other people who are enroled in the course individually via the class list.

  • Find the recipient. Use the search bar if necessary.
  • Click the fold-out arrow next to a person.
  • Click Send Email. A new window opens, in which the correct e-mail address is already entered in the To-field.
  • Write your message and click Send.

Note: after entering an e-mail address in the To- or CC-field, do not press the Enter key. If you do this, your message will be sent immediately.

To a group

  1. Select the people you want to e-mail. If you want to select many people at once, check the boxes next to Image.
  2. Filter by group by selecting Groups in the drop-down menu under View By. Click Apply, select the desired group and click Apply again.
  3. Click on Email. A new window opens, in which the e-mail addresses of the selected persons are already entered in the Bcc-field.

Write your message and click Send.

If you select people via the boxes next to Image, you only select the people on the current page. If you have more people in the class list than there are on a page, you don't automatically select everyone.

Via Email Classlist

If you use Email Classlist, you can send e-mails to students from the list, teachers, or everyone.

  • Click Email Classlist in the Class list page.
  1. Select whether you want to send a mail to everyone (All), just the teachers (Teacher), or just the students (Students).
  2. Filter the users per group selecting Groups in the drop-down menu next to View By. Click Apply, select the appropriate group and click Apply again.
  3. Click Send Email.

If you choose to send an email to All you will also send the mail to yourself. You can remove yourself from the BCC or send a mail via the tab Student to prevent this from happening.

Find sent mails

When you want to find your previously sent emails you can use the envelope icon in the minibar.

  1. Click the envelope icon.
  2. Click Email.
  • Click Sent Mail. Here you will find all the mails you have sent via Brightspace from the current course.

Forward copy of all emails

  • If you want to receive a copy of all sent mails on a specific mail address you can click on the Settings button on the Sent Mail page.
  • Check the box for the option Send a copy of each outgoing message to [email protected]. Brightspace will automatically fill in the email address you use in your profile.
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