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How do I delete a student's quiz attempt?

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Delete a quiz attempt
Restore a deleted quiz attempt

As a teacher you have the possibility to delete quiz attempts of students. For example, this could be necessary when there is only one attempt possible for a quiz and something went wrong while filling out the quiz. You can then reset the failed attempt.

Delete a quiz attempt

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Quizzes.
  • Click the fold-out arrow behind the quiz concerned.
  • Click Grade. You will navigate to the Grade Quiz page.

The display of the buttons on the Grade Quiz page may vary slightly depending on your settings in Brightspace.

  • These options only appear if at least one student has made one quiz attempt.
  • If your Grades are attached to your grade book, an Export to Grades button will also appear. This button ensures that Display Options is placed under a More Actions selection menu.
  • If there are no Grades items attached, Display Options appears as its own button.

The Display Settings you have set up under Display Options apply to all quizzes within your course. This means you only have to set this up once. 

  • At the top of the table you will find a waste basket symbol with Reset next to it. By checking the box next to the attempt followed by clicking Reset you can delete the attempt.

Restore a deleted quiz attempt

  • Click the fold-out arrow behind the quiz concerned and click Grade.
  • Click Attempt Logs.

Below Attempt logs you will find an overview of all quiz attempts, including the deleted attempts. Behind the deleted attempts there is a Restore button to undo the deletion.

  • Click Restore. The quiz attempt will be restored.
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