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How do I adjust settings in the Calendar?

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You can adjust the settings of the Calendar to your personal preferences.

  • Click Settings.
  1. You can change the settings of your Calendar at Calendar Options:
    • At Core Hours you can choose the time frames that are displayed in your calendar. Select Show Weekends if you want Saturdays and Sundays to be displayed as well.
    • Configure the average duration of an event at Default Event Duration.
    • Select Enable Calendar Feeds if you want to share your schedule on a different platform like your Outlook or Google Agenda (see share schedule).
  2. You can change settings for tasks at Tasks Options:
    • You can choose how completed tasks are displayed at Completed Tasks.
    • You can select the average duration of specific tasks at Upcoming Tasks Default Duration.
    • Select Confirm before deleting tasks if you want to receive a warning before removing a task.
  3. Click Save.
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