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How do I preview my course as a student?

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Brightspace allows teachers to preview the course from the point of view of a student. This enables you to see what students see when they look at your course. Use this tool to check if your course content comes across clearly or to test whether or not you would understand the way grade calculation works, based on the information presented to you as a  student in the gradebook for example. 

The preview option only gives you an overview of the way students see your course: your own user role can affect what you see in the student display. For example, it is not possible to fill in a quiz or hand in an assignment in this mode; to do so you would need a Dummystudent account

  • In the minibar, click your name and then View as Student (or click Change and choose Student).
  • You are now on the Course Home. You can tell by the double-arrow icon that you are now viewing the course as a Student. This also means that the editing tools that you normally have in your regular role are gone. 
  • Navigate to the course components (Content, Activities, Grades) that you would like to view as a student. 
  • If you would like to close the View as Student mode, just click on your name again and then click the little 'X'. 

Items (such as (sub)modules) which as a teacher you have given the status Draft, are not visible in the View as Student mode; students therefore do not know that these exist. If a (sub)module has been Published but its release date is still in the future, students will be able to see the module's name (for example: Course Content second semester), but they will not yet have access to it. You can use this deliberately: you can give students a hint of what is coming without actually giving them access to the course content just yet. Items with a release condition are also not visible in the preview mode. 

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