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How do I import my RU schedule to my Calendar?

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Your personal course schedule will not automatically appear in your Brightspace Calendar. However, it is possible to import it using RU MyTimetable. To do this you have to compile your course schedule in RU MyTimetable, download it and them import it to Brightspace. You can also navigate to RU MyTimetable for each course via Administration.

  • You cannot delete multiple events at the same time in Calendar. That is why it is important that you import the correct schedule into the correct course; otherwise you will have to delete the individual courses one by one.
  • The iCal file you download is the file as it exists at that moment. Changes in your course schedule will not be automatically implemented in the Brightspace Calendar.

Viewing a schedule MyTimetable

  • Select the desired course on your personal homepage.
  1. Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click on RU Course Time Table. RU Course Time Table opens in a new window.

Importing a schedule in Calendar

  • Go to the MyTimetable website and log in using your Radboud data.
  • Compile your course schedule.

Do you not yet know how to use MyTimetable? You can find more information and instructions on how to compile your course schedule on the RU MyTimetable website.

If you import your course schedule to your Calendar, Brightspace will treat every class/test in the course schedule as a separate event. That is why you can also add just a schedule for a course. Thus, you have two options when you export and import your schedule:

  1. You export the schedules for all of your courses in one file and import the file to your sandbox. The downside of this is that the events are in your sandbox, which will not create a clear overview concerning which event belongs to which course. You also cannot see your agendas of the individual courses in your classes.
  2. You export the schedule of each course separately and then import them separately in the corresponding course in Brightspace. The benefit of this is that the events of the different courses appear in your Calendar color-coded if you view all of the agendas at the same time. You can also see the classes for a course in the agenda of that specific course.

We advise you to use the second option, even though it requires a bit more work.

  1. Select a course.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Click iCalendar. A new window will appear.
  1. Choose for which period you want to download the schedule (for example the first semester).
  2. Click Download. The download will appear at the bottom of your screen as a .ics-file.
  1. Make sure you open the Calendar of the right course.
  2. Click on Import Events. A new window will appear.
  1. Choose for which participants in the course you want to add classes in the Calendar. Note that since the schedule shown in the Calendar does not automatically update, it might be inconvenient to add the schedule to your students' calendar.
  2. Click Choose file (Bestand kiezen) and select the .ics-file.
  3. Click Import.

If you add events for everyone in the course (Everybody in the Course Offering), the classes will also show up in your students' Calendar. If you want the schedule to be shown in your own Calendar only, you can first create a group using Groups. Name this group Calendar, for example, and then set up that you want to add participants to this group manually. If you do not add any participants, you will be the only one who sees this group and therefore the events in your Calendar.

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