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How do I use Quizzes?

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Quizzes can be used to create tests. It is possible to let Quizzes be graded automatically in Brightspace. The advantages of using quizzes are as following: 

  • You can make use of a variety of question types and multimedia. 
  • You can analyse elaborate and detailed quiz statistics.
  • You can generate a quiz report to share data. 
  • You can provide effective and specific feedback.

Preferably create all questions in the question library prior to creating a quiz. That way you can quickly and easily import (or re-use) questions in your quiz (or survey). How to go about creating new questions, you can read in the article How do I use the Question Library?

Quiz homepage

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes.

You will be navigated to the Quizzes homepage, the first tab of Quizzes (Manage Quizzes). This is where you see an overview of all quizzes you have created for a course, and can:

  1. create a New Quiz;
  2. edit quiz categories (Edit Categories);
  3. Copy, Reorder, Make Visible to Users, Hide from Users, Delete or Restore quizzes via More Actions;
  4. sort quizzes in the overview based on Category or Availability: click the arrow, select your preference and click Apply;
  5. open the Quick menu of a quiz;
  6. quick and easily edit multiple quizzes at once via Bulk Edit.

Quiz Quick menu

From the quiz homepage you can easily navigate to different quizzes via the Quick menu.

  • Click the fold-out arrow behind the name of a quiz and select:
    • Edit to adjust the quiz;
    • Make visible to Users / Hide from Users to make the quiz visible or invisible for students;
    • Preview to see a preview of the quiz/walk through the quiz as if you were a student: 
      • Tick Bypass Restrictions at the top of your page, if you want to bypass any restrictions (for example the maximum amount of attempts) which you set up for (certain) users. 
      • Click Start Quiz! at the bottom of the page to start the quiz. 
      • After having completed the quiz, tick at the bottom of the page whether you want this trial attempt to be evaluated or not. (Please note: Trial attempts do not count for the class statistics of the quiz).
      • Lastly, click Exit Preview. 
  • Click:
    • Delete to delete the quiz;
    • Copy to copy the quiz; 
    • Grade to grade/evaluate the quiz;
    • Setup Reports to add a quiz report;
    • View Reports to view the quiz report. The report will only become visible after you have walked through the Reports Setup of a quiz (last tab of New Quiz/Edit Quiz). If so desired, you can then export it to a cvs- or excel-file;
    • Statistics to navigate to the quiz statistics page.  
    • Attempt Logs to navigate to an overview of all quiz attempts, including attempts that have been deleted.

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