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How do I create Awards and how do I add an Award to my course?

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You can use awards to reward students for skills or behavior that is not assessed, but useful and desired. You can also use awards to reward a student for a certain score. This way the awards can be a motivation for a student to learn a lot, display specific behavior or develop a certain skill. For each award you create, you can specify for which course you want to use it and whether other teachers can use the awards for their course. You can also add awards that other teachers have created to your own course if they are sharing it. 

You have to turn on the Awards function in Brightspace before you can use it.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Course Admin.
  • Then click Tools under Administration.
  • You will see that Awards has a cross instead of a check mark. Click on the cross to turn the function on. Instead of a cross, a check mark will now appear.
  • Refresh the web page. Click Administration in the navbar of your course. Awards will now appear in the list.

Create awards and/or add them to your course

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Awards. You will navigate to the tab Classlist Awards, where you will find an overview of all the participants in your course and the awards they have received.
  1. Click Course Awards (second tab). Here you will find all the rewards you have already used in this course.
  2. Click Add Award To Course to create a new award and/or add it to your course.

You will see an overview of existing awards that you can add to your course. These are awards that you have previously created, or that have been created by colleagues and made accessible for others.

  1. Use Search Awards to easily find the desired awards.
  2. Select Show Only Awards I Created if you only want to see your own awards.
  3. If you want to add an existing award to your course, select it.
  4. Then click Add. Awards you have previously added to your course have a check mark.
  5. Click Create to create a new award. You will now navigate to the New Award page.
  1. Give the award a title.
  2. Use Description to describe that the award entails, i.e. why students deserve this award. Note that students can see this description.
  3. Use Availability to select who can use this award:
    • Make this award available to all of my courses: only you can use this award in all your courses.
    • Make this award available to other creators and their courses: other teachers can use this award in their course. Note that using this option also means that all of the teachers that use Brightspace can use and modify this award. It is not advised to use this setting.
    • Select Restrict award to [current course] and its child org units if other teachers can only use this award in the current course.
  4. Select whether the award can expire using Expiry.
    • Never: the award cannot expire and will always remain visible for the student.
    • Fixed Date: the award will expire on a certain date at midnight. Note that when the award transpires it becomes transparent for the student.
    • Relative Time Period After Earning The Award: the award expires a certain amount of time after it was awarded. You can use the drop-down menu to select whether it should be days (Days), weeks (Weeks), months (Months), or years (Years). Use the field to fill out the number of days/weeks/months/years.
    • Relative Day of Month: the award expires a certain amount of days and months after it was awarded. Note that if you do not specify a day, the award will expire on the last day of the specified month.
  5. Select if you want student to be notified a certain amount of time before the award expires.  You can use the drop-down menu to select whether it should be days (Days), weeks (Weeks), months (Months), or years (Years). Use the field to fill out the number of days/weeks/months/years.
  • If you make the award available for everyone then that means that all teachers at the RU can use the award. They cannot edit the award.
  • As the creator of an award you will always have access to all awards you have created, regardless of the course you created them in. When you make a change in an award that you are using in multiple courses, the change will be visible in all these courses! If you edit an award it changes everywhere, also at the places where you have already used the award.
  1. Use Choose Award Image to choose the image for your award:
    • Click From Existing Library to use an image from your database.
    • Click Upload New Icon to use an image from your computer. Note that the ideal size is 100x100 pixels.
    • Click Create your own image to create a new award in the Classic Badge Designer.
  2. Use Issuer Information to enter information about who is the issuer of the award.
    • Issuer Name: this is the person that issues the award. When you share the award with co-workers and/or use it in multiple courses, it can be useful to choose a simple name. It is advised to use Radboud University, but you could also use the name of the course or faculty.
    • Issuer URL: this is the correct URL by default; (
    • Issuer Contact: this is the correct contact by default; ([email protected]).
  3. Select Use this award in [current course] now  to immediately add the award to the current course. If you do not want to add it right now, you can always do so later.
  4. Click Save and Close to save the award and return to the Course Awards page. You will now see the new award in your overview.

Remove awards from Brightspace

To remove an award from Brightspace, use Delete Award.

You have two options to remove an award: Remove Award or Delete Award. Please note that these are two different options!

  • Remove Award only removes the award from the course. If you or other teachers are using the award it another course, it will not be removed from that course. Only when the award has been deleted from the system you will receive a notification saying you can no longer use the award in the future.
  • Delete Award can be used to remove the award from the entire system, i.e. remove it from Brightspace completely. The award will remain in the courses it is currently used it, but you or other teacher can no longer re-add the award to this or another course.
  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Awards.
  1. Click Course Awards.
  2. Click Add Award To Course.

If you use the option Remove Award, which is next to each award, you will remove the award from the course, but not from Brightspace.

  • Search the desired award and click Delete Award. You will see a notification in your screen which you need to confirm.

If you remove an award, it will remain on the pages of the students you have assigned it to. To remove the awards from their pages too, you will have to revoke it first.

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