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What is the Ouriginal Webinbox environment and how can I use it?

Ouriginal creates an analysis address for the person who links an assignment to Ouriginal with Brightspace. This analysis address is an email address linked to a mailbox environment: the Ouriginal Webinbox.

In  this environment you, as lecturer, can control your own settings and see an overview of all submitted documents. It is not possible to edit documents in this environment. They are also not ordered based on assignment and course. It is better not to use the Webinbox and to work in Brightspace instead.

I cannot log into the Ouriginal Webinbox, what do I do?

  • Before you can use the Ouriginal Webinbox, you have to link an Assignment to Ouriginal in Brightspace. From then on your email address will be known at Ouriginal.
  • Request a password reset for the Ouriginal Webinbox. Learn more about this with the following manual: How do I use the Ouriginal (Urkund) Webinbox?

If it still does not work, you can contact your TIP or the DLO administrators at [email protected]. Provide your name and email address as listed in Brightspace.

Do I have to link Ouriginal to an assignment myself or can someone else do it?

  • Ouriginal created a one-off analysis address for the person who connects an assignment to Ouriginal in Brightpace. This anaylis address is an email address connected to a mailbox environment: the Ouriginal Webinbox. The documents in this Webinbox are only accessible for the owner of the mailbox.
  • It is not necessary for you as lecturer to be the one to create the link. If you want to keep all documents in one inbox, or if you do not want a person to have documents in their own inbox, you do have to create it yourself.
  • The plagiarism scores, plagiarism reports, and submitted documents can be opened by other people in Brightspace if they have the rights needed.

I cannot see the source document. What is going on?

  • If you access the Ouriginal report via Brightspace, you have to log in to make all sources you have access to visible. You can do this by logging in: click 'Profile' at the top right of the report, and choose Log in. Use your Ouriginal Web Inbox data to log in. View the How do I use the Ouriginal (Urkund) Webinbox? manual for a more elaborate step-by-step plan.
  • There can be several reasons why you cannot see the content of a source after logging in. For example: it could concern a document from a different university. The table below shows you an overview of the possibilities when it concerns a SA (Student Assignment) source:

RU documents submitted  in Ouriginal RU documents previously submitted in Turnitin Documents submitted at other institutions

Content viewable Document in plagiarism check Content viewable
Document in plagiarism check
Content viewable
Document in plagiarism check
RU lecturers Yes Yes
No* Yes
External lectures (outside of RU) No* Yes
No Yes
Not applicable Not applicable
* Content can be accessed if the student has manually given permission.

The D number (document number) of sources will always be displayed. This number can be found by going to the matching source in the Ouriginal analysis report. 

Is the displayed number an ED number? This refer to a document number of a RU document that was previously submitted to Turnitin.

Send this D number of ED number to the DLO administrators at [email protected] for more information about this source.

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