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How do I assess a group assignment?

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When you have created a group assignment and linked it to a grade item, you can award the same grade to all group members using Assignments. If you want to give one or more group members a different grade, use Grades.

If you want to use Grades, you have to create a grade item first. Then you have to attach it to an assignment. To learn more about this, please read the following articles:

Assess using Assignments

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Assignments.
  • Click the desired assignment.
  1. At the bottom of the screen you will see the assignments that have been handed in, as well as who handed in what.
  2. Click Evaluate (or click on Draft Saved/Published if you have entered or published a grade/feedback before).
  1. Fill in the score.
  2. Add feedback if necessary. You can also add feedback to the attachment by clicking the Add a File icon.
  3. Click Publish to publish the feedback to the student or click Save Draft to save the feedback without publishing it.

 All group members will receive the same grade and feedback, which can be found in their grade book or in Assignments.

Assessing using Grades

This fact can cause confusion for students at the moment you want to assess individual members of the group differently. You can submit individual grades in Grades, but this is not shown in Assignments. This means that when you have already submitted an assessment for the entire group in Assignments and then changed the individual grade for a specific student in Grades, this student will see two different grades (for example: for group 1 you have entered the grade 7 for Assignments, after which you changed the grade for Jake to a five in grades. Jake will now see both a five and a seven). 

  • If you want to give separate assessments within a group, you have to let your students know that they have to check their individual grades when looking at Grades.
  • Use Assignments to give written feedback, give each student a grade via Grades.
  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Grades.
  1. Click Manage Grades.
  2. Click on the fold-out arrow next to the desired grade item.
  3. Click Enter Grades.
  1. Use Grade to change the grade for individual students.
  2. Use Feedback to add feedback for individual students. You cannot add an attachment like you can when using Assignments.
  3. Click Save and Close.
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