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How do I organise the Course Home of a course?

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An instructional video is included for this subject. This instructional video will provide a step-by-step explanation about organising your Course Home. A written manual can be found below the video.

When you click on a course on your personal homepage you will be directed to the Course Home of said course: the course homepage. Course Home contains a few predetermined widgets.

1. The Course Banner is the image that appears at the top of your Course Home. This image is also the miniature that is visible on a personal homepage, making it easy for students to find your course (if they have pinned it on their personal homepage). The banner is the visual representation of your course, so choose an image that reflects the content of the course.

2. Below Announcements you can place announcements for students like a welcome at the beginning of a semester, changes in the course schedule (such as time and location), important new course content (literature, assignments, quizzes etcetera), or approaching deadlines.   

3. The Calendar widgets shows you all upcoming events like deadlines and manually added meetings. You can view them in the form of a list below Upcoming Events.

4. You can find the topics you have bookmarked below Bookmarks.

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