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How is a course created in Brightspace?

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A realtime link between OSIRIS and Brightspace has been created to ensure that any changes in OSIRIS will automatically and almost directly (within a minute) show up in Brightspace. There might be a delay (between 10 minutes and an hour) during very busy periods, for example when a faculty is uploading all of their courses to Brightspace simultaneously.

Want to learn more about the OSIRIS link? Visit the OSIRIS manuals.

From OSIRIS course to Brightspace course (Course Offering)

All the courses in OSIRIS are checked every academic year on whether they should be transferred to Brightspace. There are two reasons for a course not showing up in Brightspace:

  1. The course has not been finalised in OSIRIS (and has therefore not been transferred).
  2. The course has deliberately not been transferred (the Course to LMS box has not been checked). 

Please contact an OSIRIS admin if you want more clarity concerning the status of your course.

Teachers are automatically enroled in their courses

To which course and in what role a teacher is enrolled in a course is predetermined every academic year in OSIRIS. This information is used to transfer the teacher, colleagues (observer), and, if needed, student assistants and their corresponding roles to Brightspace courses (Course Offering). The article Which roles are available in Brightspace? contains more information about which OSIRIS role corresponds with which role in Brightspace.

Make courses available to students

Every course that has been transferred from OSIRIS to Brightspace is automatically set to active. Start and/or end dates are not automatically transferred to the Brightspace course. You can temporarily deactivate your course allowing you to work on your course without students being able to watch the progress. Please deactivate your course by setting a start date and not by changing the course status to inactive because the latter option will make the course invisible to students even if they are enrolled in OSIRIS. Setting a start date makes the course unavailable, yet visible.
Setting a start date will add that start date to the (pinned) course thumbnail on the Brightspace Homepage of the students while simultaneously making the course unavailable for them. Updates from OSIRIS will not change the start and/ or end date(s) of the course. 

Create groups

Based on the settings regarding group enrollment in OSIRIS, it is possible to transfer groups created in OSIRIS to Brightspace. The box groups to LMS? is not checked by default. You can learn more about groups by reading How to create groups?

Student enrolment for courses and groups

Students will be automatically enrolled for courses in Brightspace based on their enrollments in OSIRIS. They will also be automatically enrolled in groups in Brightspace when the settings in Osiris allow the groups to be transferred alongside the regular enrollment. Learn more about this process by reading Enrollment for courses and groups.

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